drg. Ivan Hadiutomo, Sp.KG
Cert. Esthetic, Master of Implant

Ivan Hadiutomo, drg., graduated with Summa Cum Laude from Trisakti Post-graduate School, with speciality in Restorative & Endodontic. Following his passion in Esthetic & Implant dentistry, he continued his study at New York University Esthetic Post-graduate School. During this time, Drg Ivan was elected to be the International Director of Aesthetic Society and he conducted lecture at New York University. Currently, Drg Ivan is pursuing his third Master’s degree in Implantology at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

2013 ITI Congress SE Asia, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 Strauman Implant Advance Prosthetic, Singapore

2014 New York University Post Graduate in Esthetic Dentistry, New York

2014 Members of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry( AACD )​

2014 Members of Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry ( AMED)

2015 Aesthetic Advantage by dr Larry Rosenthal & dr Michael Apa, New York

2015 Advance Aesthetic Dentistry Fellowship by dr Jonathan Levine & team, NY

2015 Predictable Aesthetic & Longevity with Bonded Porcelain Restoration, by Pascal Magne, San Fransisco

2015 International Director of NYUCD Aesthetic Society of New York University

2015 Anterior & Posterior Bio Emulation Dentistry by dr David Gerdolle, New York

2015 Japan Aesthetic week by Bio Emulation Japan ; dr You Nino, Tokyo

2016 Excellence in Restorative dentistry by Prof Francesco Mangani, Tokyo

​2019 Post Graduate of Restorative & Endodontic, University of Trisakti, Indonesia (Summa Cum Laude)

​2020 DentalXP Implant fellowship, Atlanta

​2020 Digital Dentistry, University of Nevada – Las Vegas

​2020 Zero Bone Loss Implant Master Class, Lithuania

​2020 Member of International Congress of Oral Implantology ( ICOI ; World’s Largest Dental Implant Organization)​

2021 Guided Bone Regeneration Master Class,gIDE, Los Angles​

2021 Goethe Club Implant. Frankfurt, Germany

​2021 Sinus Lift S.A.D technique Prof. Tiziano Testori, Lake como Institute, Milan

​2021 Guided Bone Regeneration. Prof. Massimo Simion, Milan​

2021 International Implant Surgery, Seoul National University​

2021 GBR Mastercourse. University of Bern, Switzerland

2013 “Color Communication” @ Hendra Hidayat Dental Training Center

2014 “ Digital Smile Design” @ New York University

2014 “ Esthetic Blueprints” @ New York University​

2015 “ Precision Esthetic” @ New York University

2015 “ Bespoke New York Smile” @ New York university

2015 “ Bespoke New York Smile” @

2015 International Aesthetic Masters

2016 “ Bespoke New York Smile “ @ MIDEC Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

2016 “ Bio Mimetic” @ Trisakti University

2016 “Composite Posterior Layering” MIDEC; Kuala Lumpur

2016 “ Incisal 1/3rd” @ Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (AAAD) Bangkok, Thailand​

2018 “ Digital Smile Design” @ University of Indonesia

​2019 ” Bespoke Smile Make Over” @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia​

2020 ” Biomimetic Restoration” @ Trisakti University​

2021 ” Digital Dentistry” @ Post-Graduate Trisakti University

2014 “Immediate implant placement and immediate provisionalisation utilizing 3-DPrinting” By Fukuyuki Nose, DDS,PhD; Ivan Hadiutomo,DDS; New York University

2015 “ Delicate Veneers “ American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

2016 “ Sectional Full Mouth Rehab Approach “ American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

2016 “ Shortcut “ QV book by Ronaldo Hirata ; Ivan Hadiutomo

2019 ” Veneers Fragment ” Mahidol University, Thailand