drg. Jessica Mulia, Dipl.clin.orth

Jessica Mulia, Drg graduated from Trisakti University since January 2019. Her passion in dentistry, has led her to join National and International Courses to improve her skills and knowledge.

2015 “Improving The Quality of Life Through Dentist Professionalism by Updating Science, Skills and Technology” by FORIL

2016 “The Role of Ethics and Professionalism in Improving Science and Skills in The Era of Asean Economis Community” by FOKUS

2017 “Updating in Dentistry Lifelong Learning For a Better Quality of Life” by FOKUS ​

2017 “The White Week” by Dr. Tetsuji Aoshima, Dr. Marco Gresnight, Dr. You Nino And Dr. Shohei Terasawa

2018 “Excellence in Dentistry Research and Clinical Practice to Enhance Professionalism and Community Services” by FORIL

2019 “Mastering Preparation & Rubber Dam Isolation” by dr. Victor Guerrero

2019 “The Art of True Preparation” by Jun Iwata D.D.S,Ph.D

2019 “CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Confrence, Singapore”