drg. Diana Puspa, Sp.KG

Diana Puspa Indah, drg., graduated from Trisakti University since Juni 2005. Her passion in endodontics and conservative led her to study further at Trisakti University post-graduated program in Conservative and Endodontics dentistry. Drg. Diana brings all of her knowledge, passion, and using the latest technology to give the best dental treatments for her patients

2016 “Are We in a New Age of Restorative Dentistry? Bulk fill Restoration trial” by Dr. Parag R. Kachalia, D.D.S.

2016 “Concept of Modern Endodontic Treatment” by drg. Marino Sutedjo, SpKG

2016 “ Wave One Gold: The Gold Pathway to Success in Root Canal Procedures” by Dr. James L.Gutmann.

2017 “The Beauty of Replicating Nature” by Prof. Francesco Mangani

2017 “Root Canal Instrumentation and The Outcome of Endodontic Treatments with CBCT” by Prof. Francesco Mannocci

2017 “Instrumentation of Severly Curve Root Canals” by Dr. Eugen Buga

2017 “Updating Ethics and Research in Dentistry” by Trisakti University

2017 “Inside Non-Surgical Retreatments” by Nuno Pinto DDS, MSc

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2017 “Revolutionary Paradigm for the Future Vision of Endodontics & Restorative Dentistry” by IKORGI

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2018 “How to Achieve an Aesthetic Result for Fracture Teeth” by Dr. Gaetano Paolone

2018 “IFEA 11th World Endodontic Congress Seoul, South Korea” by The Korean Academy of Endodontics (KAE)

2018 “Excellence in Dentistry Research and Clinical Practice to Enhance Professionalism and Community Services” by FORIL Trisakti

2018 “Bone Regeneration on chronic apical abscess after root canal treatment on left mandibular first molar: A case report” Mahidol International Endodontics Symposium (MIES)

2019 “ Endodontic Management of Second Mesiobuccal Canal in Permanent Maxillary Second Molar: A Case Report”. Mahidol International Endodontics Symposium (MIES). Elline, Diana Puspa Indah.

2020 “The Effect of Topical Remineralization Agents on Surface Microhardness of Enamel (ex vivo research). Eko Fibryanto, Elline, Diana Puspa Indah, Adi Hidayat.